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Creating Stories in the Classroom

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Digital Storytelling Freeware

31 Digital Storytelling Sites

From basic to more advanced, this site offers helpful tools to get you started right away.

Online Interactive Resources

Not only does this site provide resources, it also assists you in implementing them in the classroom.

11 Good Digital Storytelling Resources

Some links to ebooks and a smattering of resources.


Tutorial on Creating a Storyboard in Word

Pencil & Paper Storyboard Template

Images & Audio

Creative Commons

12 Places to Get Free Images

5 Sources of Free Sound Effects & Music

Rock Out Your Projects with Royalty-Free Music

Student Examples

Essay by a 5th Grader

Long Vowel Stories by 1st Graders

On the Web

The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

This site from the University of Houston provides examples, outlines the 7 elements of storytelling, provides tips & resources, offers tutorials, templates, & rubrics, and is just an all-around great resource to familiarize yourself with digital storytelling.  (I’ve shown the digital story example on the home page to model for my students how their digital stories should look.) 

PC: Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

An e-book from Microsoft, this resource is a very useful jumping-off point and idea generator.  Also provides links to tutorials on how to use Microsoft applications to create digital stories. I personally recommend pages 14-19 &22-24 if you need some cool ideas.  (Note: some of the links no longer work.)

PC: Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators

Another e-book that has everything you need to walk you through the process.  It specifically addresses creating PC digital stories using PhotoStory, Mixbook, VoiceThread, and Moviemaker.  And it's free!

Mac: iMovie '11

This e-book will cost you around $10, but the guys at the Apple store highly recommend it for beginners and teachers.

PC: Tutorial for Making Animated PowerPoints

For those of you with PCs, this is a helpful video on YouTube.

Mac: Digital Storytelling with Keynote & GarageBand

Short tip sheet for Mac users.

Mac: Video Tutorials for iMovie '11

Available for a minimal fee from iTunes. Search for "Tutor for iMovie '11."  I've used these videos to instruct my own students.

5 Video Projects to Try With Your Students

Fun & quick!

Integrating Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom

For teachers, by a teacher, this is a very useful list of resources.

Another valuable resource from the University of Houston

Keep In Touch!

I'm looking forward to collaborating with you all, so please share with me your own classroom adventures!  

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